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Simeon Floyd


Erasmusplein 1
6525 HT Nijmegen
room: E 4.27

Simeon Floyd is a specialist in the languages and cultures of South America. He completed a PhD in Linguistic Anthropology (2010) at the University of Texas, followed by postdoctoral positions at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics (2010-2015), Senescyt-Ecuador and Radboud University Nijmegen (current). He focuses on Andean and Amazonian languages, including Cha’palaa and Quechua in Ecuador and Nheengatú in Brazil, spanning a number of different perspectives including descriptive field linguistics, gesture and multimodality, and social interaction.
Floyd’s PhD looked at language and racial and ethnic identify among indigenous speakers of Cha’palaa and Afro-descendant Spanish-speakers in Ecuador. At MPI he formed part of Nick Enfield’s ERC project on pragmatic typology, using the methods of Conversation Analysis to compare language usage across different cultures. Several recent publications look at the role of visual-bodily behavior in language. He has received grants from agencies such as the US NSF and NEH, the Fulbright program, and the Wenner Gren foundation in support of field-based research, language documentation and description, and grammatical typology.
As a part of Asifa Majid’s NWO project on olfactory language at RU, Floyd is engaged in research on sensory language in two languages of Ecuador, Quechua and Cha’palaa, bringing out what is unique about how these languages express sensory meanings, and asking what this may teach us more generally about human diversity in comparison with other languages. He is also currently participating in the Ecuadorian science agency Senescyt’s Prometeo Fellowship program for collaboration with local institutions in Ecuador.



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September 2015 with Elisabeth Norcliffe and Harald Hammarström. ‘The reconstruction and classification of the Barbacoan language family’. 48th Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea. Leiden.
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May 2008 ‘Together in a tight space: Chachi discourses of contact with Afro-Ecuadorians and other social actors in Esmeraldas, Ecuador.’ First Conference on Ethnicity, Race, and Indigenous Peoples in Latin America and the Caribbean, University of California San Diego.
May 2008 ‘Solar iconicity, conventionalized gesture and multimodal meaning in Nheengatú’ Arizona Linguistics and Anthropology Symposium, Tucson, Arizona.
April 2008 ‘Video as ethnographic and linguistic methodology, case studies from indigenous South America’ Poster presentation for Anthropology Graduate Students Association‘New Directions in Anthropology’ Conference, UT Austin.
December 2007 ‘Digital video media and autonomous discursive space in indigenous Quichua communities of Ecuador’ American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting, Washington DC.
February 2007 ‘Digital video media and the circulation of Quichua discourse in Ecuador’. Indigenous Languages in Digital Cultures Conference, Department of Latin American Studies, University of Florida at Gainesville.
January 2007 ‘On the status of the ‘adjectival noun’ in the Quechuan langauges’ Society for the Study of Indigenous Languages of the Americas Annual Meeting, Anaheim, California.
September 2006 ‘An introduction to the Archive of Indigenous Languages of Latin America’. Guest lecture, Anthropology Department, Universidad Central de Venezuela.
March 2006 ‘Changing times and local terms on the Rio Negro’. Latin American Studies Association Annual Meeting, San Juan, Puerto Rico.



2010 PhD Linguistic Anthropology, University of Texas – Austin
2004 MA Latin American Studies, UT-Austin (linguistics and anthropology)
2001 BA Latin American Studies (with honors), UT-Austin

Employment and professional experience


2015-present Prometeo Fellow, Senescyt Coordinación Zonal 1&2, Ecuador


Postdoctoral Researcher, Radboud University Nijmegen; Meaning, Culture and Cognition research group (dir. A. Majid)
2010-2015 Staff member – Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen,   Language and Cognition Department (dir. Stephen Levinson, ERC Project (N. Enfield): Human Sociality and Systems of Language Use
Summer 2013 Instructor: Evidentiality: Typological Challenges (with L. San Roque), LOT School, Groningen
July 2013 Organizer, Symposium: ‘Spatial Language in Latin American Indigenous Languages’ at the 54th International Conference of Americanists, Vienna
Spring 2012 Instructor, master’s level course: Ethnographic Methods for Field Linguistics
July 2012 Co-Organizer, Workshop: The grammar of knowledge asymmetries. LSA Summer Institute, University of Colorado, Boulder
2006-2007 Archivist, Archive of Indigenous Languages of Latin America, UT Austin

Awards and Fellowships


2013 NSF Documenting Endangered Languages Fellowship for Cha’palaa 50.400USD
2011 Wenner-Gren Grant for Workshop “The grammar of knowledge asymmetries” (with L. San Roque and E. Norcliffe) LSA Summer Institute 2011; 20.000USD
2009-2010 NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant; 12.000USD
2009 Powers Graduate Fellowship, UT Austin; 27.000USD
2008-2009 Fulbright Hays doctoral fellowship – Ecuador; 35.700USD
2006 Endangered Language Foundation grant – Quechua, Ecuador; 1.200USD
2003-2008 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship; 97.000USD
2001-2002 Fulbright Student Fellowship – Ecuador; 10.000USD
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