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Patricia Manko


Erasmusplein 1
6525 HT Nijmegen
room: E 4.28
phone: 024-3616110

Patricia Manko was a research assistant at the Meaning, Culture and Cognition group from March 2015 to December 2016. Overall her work concerned the practical side of research – as the group’s labmanager she helped to plan and organize, provided practical views, and helped to solve research related issues. As the group’s PR manager, she took care of the website and created posters/flyers.

Furthermore she was involved in different research projects e.g. the ‘Evolution of Semantic Systems’ (EoSS) project and the Radboud Science Award 2015. In the latter project, she developed teaching material for primary schools based on the group’s research: Bringing Language, Culture and the Senses to the Classroom‘.

Patricia studied clinical psychology at the Radboud University and has a background in developmental research.

Drongo festival 2015

  • a language festival to showcase research
  • engage the public in a live experiment
  • our team received the Science Live@ Drongo award for the best live experiment

‘Wetenschappelijke doorbraken de klas in’ 2016
As part of the Radboud Science Award 2015, an initiative of The Science Hub Radboud University (WKRU), I was able to:

  • bring our research to the classroom and teach children about language, culture, and the senses
  • work with a group of schoolteachers and help children discover the fun part of doing science, so they could carry out their own research projects
  • develop a workshop, a program for teachers, and give lectures in schools
  • collect a large sample of data on mental imagery and touch ideophones

NEMO Science Museum 2016
Through the Science Live initiative, a research program of the NEMO Science Museum, our team

  • engaged an international audience in our project
  • tested a total of 503 children and adults, aged between 4 and 81 years, from over 23 different countries
  • communicated our research to a broad public

Asifa Majid, Patricia Manko, & Josje de Valk (2017). Language of the senses. In Sanne Dekker  (Ed.) Scientific breakthroughs in the classroom! p.40-76. Science Education Hub Radboud University, Nijmegen. Full textLink to source | Supplementary materials

Asifa Majid, Patricia Manko, & Josje de Valk (2017). Taal der zintuigen. Sanne Dekker & Jan van Baren-Nawrocka (eds.) Wetenschappelijke doorbraken de klas in! p.128-166. Wetenschapsknooppunt Radboud Universiteit, Nijmegen. Link to source | Supplementary materials

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