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Lilia Rissman


Erasmusplein 1
6525 HT Nijmegen
Room: E 4.18

Lilia Rissman studies the interface between conceptual and semantic knowledge, focusing on representations of events and agents. Her work integrates multiple perspectives on how human language maps onto non-linguistic cognition, including evidence from cross-linguistic comparison, emerging signed languages, and child language development. She is interested in the extent to which cognitive biases constrain the mapping from concepts to semantics: when new languages are created, for example, are some types of concepts systematically grammaticalized before others?

Lilia is currently a postdoctoral fellow through the Radboud Excellence Initiative. She worked previously as a postdoctoral scholar in the Psychology department at the University of Chicago, and received a PhD in Cognitive Science from Johns Hopkins University.

Follow her on twitter @wugtask.

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