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Claudia Mazzuca


Erasmusplein 1
6525 HT Nijmegen
Room: E 4.28

Claudia has joined the Meaning, Culture and Cognition Group in November 2017 as a guest researcher from the University of Bologna in Italy. The main topic of her research is constituted by the representation and the elaboration of abstract concepts, that she approaches from an embodied and grounded perspective. She is recently focusing on the differences in the representation and conceptualization of abstract concepts across cultures and languages, which are greatly variable. In particular, she is addressing the role of linguistic, cultural and social experience in the categorization of the concept of gender. Claudia aims to outline the boundaries of the concept of gender through an analysis of its most relevant features, comparing Italian, Dutch and English languages.

Claudia completed her MA at the University of Bologna in Italianistics and Linguistic Sciences (2015), with a dissertation in Philosophy of Language on abstract concepts and Theories of Embodied Cognition. After the graduation she did an internship at the Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies, CNR in Rome.

Barca, L., Mazzuca, C., Borghi, A.M. (accepted). Pacifier overuse and conceptual relations of abstract and emotional concepts Frontiers in Psychology, doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2017.02014

Mazzuca, C., Barca, L., Borghi, A.M. (2017). The peculiarity of emotional words: A grounded approach. Rivista Internazionale di Filosofia e Psicologia, 8, 2, 124-133. doi: 10.4453/rifp.2017/0010.

Mazzuca, C., Borghi, A.M. (2017). An embodied and grounded view on concepts and its possible implications for education. In F. Gomez-Paloma, D. Ianes, D. Tafuri (Eds.). Embodied cognition.
Theories and applications in education science . New York: Nova.


Mazzuca, C., Lugli, L., Nicoletti, R., Borghi, A. M. (2017, September), Abstract, Emotional and Concrete Concepts and the activation of mouth-hand effectors. Talk presented at the 10th Annual Embodied and Situated Language Processing Conference, Moscow, Russia.


Mazzuca, C., Barca, L., Borghi, A. M., (2017, September), Pacifier overuse and the processing of abstract, concrete and emotional concepts. Poster presented at the 10th Annual Embodied and Situated Language Processing Conference, Moscow, Russia.

Mazzuca, C., Barca, L., Borghi A. M. (2017, June), The influence of pacifier on conceptual acquisition: a multimodal approach. Poster presented at the Language as a Form of Action Conference, Rome, Italy.

Mazzuca, C., Borghi, A. M. (2016, November), Abstract Concepts and the activation of the hand and mouth effectors. Poster presented at the Abstract Concepts International Symposium, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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