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ChunNing Guo


Erasmusplein 1
6525 HT Nijmegen
Room: E 4.28

Chunning (Maggie) Guo teaches New Media Art and Animation at Renmin University of China. She was a creative director for Vancouver Film School, a visiting artist to Central Saint Martins, London, and a resident artist at Centre Intermondes in France in 2014.

She earned her PhD on independent animation in 2015. She was invited to present her papers in Animafest Scanner in Zagreb, Poland, the UK, 2016 SAS in Singapore, 2016 Aesthetics Conference in Seoul, Under the Radar 2017 in Vienna, Women and Silent Screen Conference in Shanghai, and the 2017 SAS in Italy. Her animated artwork, Ketchup (cooperated with Baishen Yan) has been exhibited and collected internationally by galleries and festivals including the White Rabbit Art Gallery in Australia and the L’abbaye de Fontevraud in France. She was the recipient of NETPAC Award in 2015 Busan International Short Film Festival of South Korea.

She selected by Sino-Dutch scholarship for as a visiting scholar for a year in Radboud University led by Prof. Asifa. This cross-disciplinary research The Archaeology of Memory: The Comparative Studies on Animated Documentary hopes to connect Animation, Psychology, History, Communication and Culture Cognition together.

Chunning (Maggie) Guo has been teaching New Media Art and Animation in the School of Fine Arts at Renmin University of China, Beijing for the past 14 years. She holds a Masters Degree in Digital Media Design from China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing. She received her PhD in Aesthetics from the School of Philosophy at Renmin University of China in 2015. Her PhD dissertation was titled The Dialogue of Hetero-geneity: Experimentation and Criticism of Independent Animation.

Dr. Guo was a Visiting Scholar at the Vancouver Film School, Canada from September 2011 to March 2012. She co-taught creative methodology with well-known director Maria Kennedy, and conducted workshops on digital animation. In 2013 she was invited to The Academy of Media Arts Cologne, Germany to lecture on animated documentaries. In 2014 she was the first visiting researcher from China invited by the Master of Arts program in Character Animation at Central Saint Martins of the University of the Arts, London, UK, where she held a screening and mounted an exhibition on animated documentaries. In 2013, she attended and ran a workshop at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, Switzerland. The film Ketchup can be viewed at

In 2014 she was a month-long resident fellow at Centre Intermondes in La Rochelle, France where her animated documentary Ketchup (番茄酱), co-produced with Baishen Yan, was screened. (A still image from Ketchup was used to advertise the 2nd La Rochelle Chinese Film Festival.) She and her collaborator, Baishen Yan, screened Ketchup at the Artist Residency in L’abbaye de Fontevraud, France.
Ketchup won the Jury Award at the 11th Annual Chinese Independent Film Festival in NanJing, the Outstanding Short Film Award at A Long Week of Short Films Festival at the 2015 Shanghai International, and the 2015 Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema (NETPAC) Award at the Busan International Short Film Festival, Busan, South Korea.

Ketchup has been collected by the White Rabbit Art Gallery, Sydney, Australia, and screened at FANTOCHE International Animation Festival, Switzerland, the Stuttgart International Animation Festival, Germany, Edinburgh International Film Festival, Scotland, Anima Mundi International Animation Festival, São Paulo, Brazil, World Festival of Animated Film, Zagreb, Croatia, Aguilar International Short Film Festival, Aguilar de Campo, Spain; 2015 A Long Week of Short Films Festival, Shanghai, China, and the 2016 Berlin Chinese Film Festival, Germany. Recently, Ketchup was selected “Best Shorts from Chinese Schools” by the 2017 Animation Festival, Annecy France.

She was invited to present her papers at Animafest Scanner II 2015 and 2016, Zagreb, Croatia, International Animated Film Conference, Bielsko Biala, Poland in 2015, BFX Conference in Bournemouth and APES in 2015, Newcastle, UK, and at the “2016 Asia, Game, Conflict” Forum, KunShan Duke University in KunShan, China; the 28th Society of Animation Studies International Conference in Singapore, the 23th International Aesthetics Conference in Seoul, Korea, the 2016 Animation Education Summit Forum in Sichuan Xihua University, China, Yaşar University Art and Design Symposium II, İzmir, Turkey, the 7th edition of the Interdisciplinary Media Conference in 2017, Vienna, Austria, CC Conference organized by the University of Southern California-Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China, the 9th Women and Silent Screen Conference, Shanghai, China, and the 2017 29th Society of Animation Studies International Conference in, Padua, Italy.

Dr. Guo was invited to mentor two students at the Chicago University Beijing Research Internship Program in 2017. She was the academic host of an international panel at the 1st Chinese Animation Studies Conference, Chengdu, China. She was selected to be a curator for Suturing the Fragments Along the Silk Road: The Artistic Archeology, Restoration and Representation in Post-Digital Time at the 4th Salon of Technical Art History, Chengdu, China.
She was selected to curate a series of workshops, exhibitions and forums for Image Power International Art Project, 2016, co-sponsored by Scandan Culture Company and Renmin University in Beijing. She served as a panel curator for the 2016 STOPTRIK Animation Festival in Maribor, Slovenia. She served on the jury with Olga Bobrowska and Michal Bobrowski from Poland and Delia Hess from Switzerland for the 11th annual 56 Moon Animation Festival in Chengdu, China.

She co-curated with Birgitta Hosea the Women Hold Up Half The Sky program at the 2015 Strangelove Festival, London, UK. She was the co-curator of the Chinese Animation Program at the 2016 4th La Rochelle Chinese Film Festival, France. She served on a panel of curators for the 2017 Chinese Women Artists at the Indian Women Film Festival, New Delhi, and she co-curated the Chinese Animation Shorts for the 2017 Asiatic Film festival in Tours, France.

She is the author of three books: Independent Animation Handbook (Shangdong Fine Arts Press, 2016), Thinking Communication (Renmin University of China Press, 2014) and Digital Media Contextual Studies (China Machine Press, 2014). She contributed a chapter titled ‘New Media Art’ in An Introduction to Art (Oriental Press, 2015).

Her Chinese papers and translated works have been published in local and international journals including in China Contemporary Cinema, Aesthetics, Art Education, Studies in National Art, Art Education, Croatian Cinema Chronicle Film Journal (Croatia), Imago (Italy), Cartoon and Animation Studies, and Epistémè (South Korea) among others.

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