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By Guaka - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link By Guaka

Douala is a Bantu language (Benue-Congo, Niger-Congo) spoken in one of the major urban centres of Cameroon. Given their location at the coast, the Douala have long been middlemen in the trade between the Cameroonian hinterland and the coast (cf. Austen & Derrick 1999). The number of L1 speakers has been estimated at around 90 000 while the number of L2 speakers is much higher as Douala has been an important lingua franca in the area (Lewis et al 2015). Douala has an elaborate noun class and agreement system, complex verb morphology, and the basic constituent order is SVO. The study on the language of perception in Douala investigates different sensory modalities, with a particular focus on the meaning and contexts of usage of smell terms in Douala language and culture.

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