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How changing lifestyles impact Seri smellscapes and smell language

In a recently published article in the journal Anthropological Linguistics, Carolyn O’Meara and Asifa Majid present new data from Seri, a language isolate spoken in northwestern Mexico, that features a rich smell vocabulary. The olfactory lexicon in Seri is discussed within the context of traditional cultural practices and everyday smellscapes that were part of the Seri’s traditional semi-nomadic lifestyle. However, as in many parts of the world, the Seri are currently undergoing sociocultural changes as a result of globalization and increased contact with the dominant culture and language. These changes affect everyday perceptual experiences and potentially the language we use to describe them.


O’Meara, C. and Majid, A. (2016). How Changing Lifestyles Impact Seri Smellscapes and Smell Language. Anthropological Linguistics 58(2): 107-131. Link to source 



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